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Foster the People

Дискусија во 'Групи и изведувачи' започната од Joi, 15 септември 2014.

  1. Joi

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    6 август 2014
    Foster the People се инди поп група од Америка. Составена е од три члена и има создадено два албума

    Foster the People is an American indie pop band formed in Los Angeles, California in 2009. The group is composed of Mark Foster (vocals, keyboards, piano, synthesizers, guitar, programming, percussion), Jacob "Cubbie" Fink (bass and backing vocals), and Mark Pontius (drums, percussion).[2] The group's music, described as melodic dance-infused pop and rock, spans many genres.

    Foster founded the band in 2009 after spending several years in Los Angeles as a struggling musician and working as a commercial jingle writer. After Foster's song "Pumped Up Kicks" became a viral success in 2010, the group received a record deal from Startime International and gained a fanbase through small club shows and appearances at the music festivals Coachella and South by Southwest. After releasing their debut album Torches in May 2011, "Pumped Up Kicks" became a crossover hit on commercial radio in mid-2011, reaching number one on Billboard's Alternative Songs chart, number three on the Rock Songs chart, and number three on the Billboard Hot 100, while charting on the Adult Top 40 and Mainstream Top 40 charts.[3] The group received two Grammy Award nominations for Torches and "Pumped Up Kicks". Their second album, Supermodel, was released in March 2014.

    Кои се вашите мислења за овој бенд? Jас почнав од неодамна да ги слушам оти музиката им е некако несекојдневна и чудна. :D Еве некои од нивните песни..




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