Лунарен (месечев) хороскоп

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    23 септември 2012
    ако има ваква тема- канта :D
    Сите си го знаат обичниот, Звезден (сончев) хороскоп. А Лунарниот ретко.
    еве како да проверите
    еве го моето :rofl:
    People with the Moon in the same degree
    Practical, attentive to details, capable of keeping things in order, finding and rectifying problems. Likes pets, enjoys to collect and systematize just anything, hates chaos (although at times creates it).

    The Moon in Virgo individual knows intuitively that the world is complicated and multi-faceted, and many things need to be done to keep afloat in it. If he or she is an energetic person, they can easily become workaholics as they will fuss endlessly about every detail, unable to relax and calm down until a whole pile of different chores have been sorted out. The inability of these people to relax can often lead to nervousness and disturbances of the digestive system. They can become over-critical and sometimes this makes them highly-strung and rather unbearable to those around them.

    On the other hand, sometimes if the Moon in Virgo belongs to a passive person, he or she might end up doing nothing at all. They know very well how many things ought to be done, but because they know they will be unable to do everything, they just stay idle.

    Since they have a good memory and are resourceful, Virgo Moon people often succeed in areas where it?s necessary to keep a lot of details in mind, and they can prioritise, systematise and put things in order. They are curious to know how the human body works and how to make it more efficient, and as a result they may find themselves studying medicine, nutrition or some kind of healing. In fact, knowledge of what to eat and when to eat can be really important for Virgo Moons because in their physiology, the state of their health is very closely related to their digestion. Perhaps this is the very reason why Moon in Virgo people are so selective with food. Never will they eat just anything! Ever!

    To stop being stressed out, these people find it helpful to do housework: cleaning, washing up, tidying. Domestic chores can serve as a kind of shelter from the problems of life. Another much less desirable way to deal with their nervousness is to pass it on to others! They do this unintentionally, because it can be so difficult, given their attention to details, not to find something wrong with someone and then latch on to it and nag.

    Parents with the Moon in Virgo want to teach their children how to work, how to do everything themselves, and how to keep things in order. Perhaps this is because their own mother taught them how to do all these things, in the same way.
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    31 јануари 2012
    Месечина во риби а инаку знакот ми е шкорпија :D
    Добра е комбинацијата?
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    25 април 2012
    Девица Степен: 24 ° 11 ' Луѓето со Месечината во истиот степен Практични, внимателен кон детали, способен за водење работите во ред, пронаоѓање и отстранување проблеми. Сака домашни миленици, ужива да се соберат и систематизира само ништо, го мрази хаос (иако на моменти се создава). на Месечината во Девица поединец знае интуитивно дека светот е комплициран и мулти-фацетирани, и многу работи треба да се направи за да се задржи во живот во неа . Ако тој или таа е енергичен човек, тие лесно може да стане workaholics како тие ќе протестирам бескрајно за секој детал, не можејќи да се опуштите и смирите до цел куп на различни задолженија се решат. Неспособноста на овие луѓе да се релаксираат често може да доведе до нервоза и пореметувања на дигестивниот систем. Тие можат да станат повеќе критични, а понекогаш и тоа ги прави високо-нанижани и наместо неподнослива за оние околу нив. Од друга страна, понекогаш ако на Месечината во Девица припаѓа на пасивна личност, тој или таа може да заврши прави ништо. Тие многу добро знаете колку многу нешта треба да се направи, но бидејќи тие знаат дека нема да може да стори сé што е, тие само да остане неактивен. Бидејќи тие имаат добра меморија и се информиран, Девица Месечината луѓето често се успее во области каде тоа? е потребно да се задржи многу детали во умот, и тие може да се даде приоритет, systematise и стави работите во ред. Тие се љубопитни да знаете како човечкото тело функционира и како да се направи тоа поефикасно, и како резултат тие може да се најдат себе студира медицина, исхрана или некој вид на лекување. Всушност, познавање на што да јадат и кога да јадете може да биде навистина важно за Девица Месечини, бидејќи во нивната физиологија, состојбата на нивното здравје е многу тесно поврзана со нивната варење. Можеби ова е многу причина зошто Месечината во Девица луѓето се толку селективнисо храна.
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    10 март 2010
    Мојот месечев знак е Скорпија.
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    2 март 2013
    Јас сум вaга а месечавиот знак ми е стрелец. :D Eве што пишува

    Adventurous, friendly, optimistic, full of ideas, always on the move. Likes outdoors and travel, hates anything boring and ordinary.
    The Moon in Sagittarius inclines towards life full of exciting adventures, travel, meetings with interesting people. These individuals' need for plenty of space and movement often brings them to the world of sports, and the most attractive for them are those sports that are associated with horses. The perspective of life on the move does not frighten the Moon in Sagittarius folks, as it does most other people, but on reverse, excites them as an opportunity to see new places, meet new people, share ideas.
    The Moon in Sagittarius individuals are interested in everything new. They are the first who will buy new gadgets. Their house is a kind of club, a place to meet with friends, where interesting, unusual people are always welcome, especially if they are able to tell stories about unimaginable places and unthinkable deeds.
    Optitimism and a lack of desire to dig down into details help the Moon in Sagittarius people not to lose their faith in better future even in the most complicated of situations, and this is one of the reasons why their body is so resilient against illnesses. They allow the problems just to pass, without leaving a destructive trace in their soul. The only negative trait of such a Moon is its inability to save energy. These people are rushing forward until they are completely burnt out, and then, when the body is lacking energy, different problems can surface.
    It is important for the Moon in Sagittarius people to learn how to separate themselves from fuss and overexcitation. They need to have a lot of open space around them, to be in contact with nature. The easiest way for them to restore their energy after a significant stress is to go for a walk, preferably into a park, forest or an open field. A more fundamental approach would be to go backpacking or to spend holidays in an exotic country. Passive rest is seldom acceptable for the Moon in Saggitarius folks. Having no opportunity to move freely, they are just becoming more nervous and restless.
    Being parents, such people do not burden their kids with petty-minded meddling. Perhaps they are not able to provide that all-encompassing care, more typical for the Moon in Cancer or Taurus, but they give their children plenty of freedom them
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    13 јули 2012
    Јас сум Бик по месечевиот хороскоп :D
    Practical, reliable, easygoing, understands the true value of things. Likes good food and gardening, hates unpredictability.

    The Moon in Taurus is often a sign of good practical skills. Those who were lucky to be born with such a Moon are usually talented cooks, and they enjoy doing everything themselves. They prefer a calm, stable life, whith everything known years ahead. It is important for them that everything they own is of good quality and that their home is comfortable. They know how to deal with plants, and time spent digging in the garden is the best way for them to restore their energy.

    Routine everyday activities like cooking, washing or gardening are not difficult for the Moon in Taurus, and he or she often feels a need to do something like this because this is a sure way to get satisfaction from the practical results of their actions. Some of them like to have plenty of food in their house: they feel more confident if there is always something around which they like to eat.

    The physical body of those born with the Moon in Taurus also feels that it should have a good supply of nutrients, but if left to its own devices it might quickly accumulate unwanted extra weight, especially considering that the Moon in Taurus loves good food and knows how to relax and enjoy itself. The neck and throat may be quite sensitive with such a Moon, so it is always good to keep warm, and avoid food and drinks which irritate mouth and throat.

    Food for the Moon in Taurus should contain plenty of vegetables and salad, as well as vitamins, and it should be of a really good quality. Moderate activity and exercise are always beneficial, but life should be predictable and stable, without abrupt changes.

    If asked what they want to do to recharge their batteries after a period of stress, Moon in Taurus individuals often say that they need to eat something savoury. An ancient truth works here: if there is good food in the house, nothing is lost.

    Taurus Moons can be superb parents, although sometimes they think that the most important thing is to feed their children properly, forgetting their other needs, such as intellectual pursuits. Nevertheless, their children will always remember their parents' home as a Home Sweet Home.
  7. Bitter-Sweet

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    31 мај 2010
    GeminiDegree: 17° 18'
    People with the Moon in the same degree
    The Moon is *not* Out-Of-Bounds (declination 18° 02')

    Communicative, easily adaptable, agile, curious and changeable. Likes to read and meet new people, hates doing same stuff for ages.

    The Moon in Gemini gives an urge towards making changes and an unconscious need for communication. Any life situation these people are in, they consider it to be a topic for a future story, and because of it they notice a lot of details which other people would never see. A fixed approach to anything is not typical for a Gemini Moon. This individual would rather try different ways and approaches than do the same thing, and will try to apply all the advice and opinions they receive from their relatives, neighbours or others. They like travel and are not afraid when life circumstances are changing, because that will bring new impressions and interesting new people.

    Being able to do many different things at the same time, Moon in Gemini individuals are capable of many achievements, but only in the areas where qualities like agility, liveliness or quick-wittedness are valued and a result can be achieved in a short period of time. But if a matter requires assiduity and perseverance, Moon in Gemini people should avoid it. Otherwise, they will only abandon it soon after beginning.

    Impetuous activity for Gemini Moons can lead to nervous exhaustion and overexcitation, and they may be prone to illnesses of the upper airways. Moon in Gemini is sensitive about weather changes and environment pollution, and before going outside it needs to know for sure what what the weather is like, so it can dress appropriately.

    It is sometimes said that all illness comes from stress, and this is especially true for people with the Moon in Gemini, who have sensitive and finely-tuned nervous systems. It is important for these people to know how to release the nervous strain caused by stress. Very often the Moon in Gemini needs to tell everyone about its problems - and then its soul will feel relieved. Or if the real problem is not for other people's ears, it might be good just to chat with someone about absolutely anything - with someone who is able to just listen.

    As a parent, Moon in Gemini takes care of teaching all the skills and knowledge that he or she is able to teach, and will make sure that kids are ready for any situation in life. A Mother with the Moon in Gemini will not forget to feed her child, but purely material feeding is not the most important for her. More important is her wish to make them clever and quick-witted. She is often like an elder sister to her children. It is possible, and easy, to discuss with her absolutely anything.

    Gemini Moon prefers to have more than just one child - the more people to chat with the better! - and also likes a number of different pets.

    Точно, не од збор до збор, но на место си е.